StickyNote is an application for managing various tasks using sticky notes.
You can use it for any management that uses sticky notes.
e.g. KPT Framework
StickyNote is built using electron and React.

Get Started

launched StickyNote App First, download the StickyNote executable file from the download sction.
Next, double-click the downloaded executable file to start StickyNote.
After StickyNote starts, change the page title or add a note to manage your tasks.

usage of StickyNote App



The page acts as a sticky board.
You can add sticky notes and lanes to sort the sticky notes on the page.


StickyNote calls sticky notes as notes.
You can change the title, contents, and color of the note.


You can change the title and width of the lane.
Place sticky notes in specific lanes to perform task management.


Please download from the following buttons according to your operating system.

Windows x64 93.2MB MacOS x64 91MB


StickyNote distributes the source code on GitHub as open source software.
Check the License on GitHub for licensing.